Whiter Than White Review UK

Whiter Than White Teeth Whitening

Whiter Than White claims to be the best home whitening kit in the UK, claiming that it provides professional results at a fraction of the cost of salon whitening.

The kit costs £99 which isn’t the cheapest kit on the market, the makers tell uswhiterthanwhite-540 that the extra cost is down to the fact that buyers get made to measure bespoke teeth application trays as part of the service.

Buyers have to first take impressions of their teeth using the mould making kit supplied. These are then sent to the manufacturers who will make and return made to measure teeth trays in around a week.

 Whiter Than White also offer a cheaper kit that contains warm and form teeth trays (as found in many other kits) for the cheaper price of £ 49.00

Whiter Than White Good Points

  1.  The kit uses a dental grade Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel, buyers get the choice of either 11% (suitable for those with sensitive teeth) and 16% (recommended for most users)
  2. At 16% buyers can expect to get whiter teeth within a few applications, quite how whiter the teeth actually get will depend on the original level of staining.
  3. The 11% gel will take that little bit longer to work.
  4.  The made to measure teeth trays are generally better fitting, this can stop any excess gel draining out, making it more economical and some would say more comfortable to use.
  5.  Whiter Than White also offer re-mineralisation or aftercare gels at extra cost that can help protect and strengthen the teeth.
  6.  Shipping is free and there is a no quibble 30 day cash back guarantee on the full kit only.

Whiter Than White Bad Points

  1.  The cost for the full kit is high, more expensive than most other home kits
  2.  Taking the impressions for the made to measure teeth trays can be tricky. The silicone rubber used for the mould hardens quickly and mistakes can be made.
  3.  There is a wait of up to a week while the teeth trays are being made and returned
  4.  No guarantee on the cheaper kit
  5.  Both kits only provide enough gel for 36 treatments so they do not represent great value for money (£2.75 per treatment for the main kit, and £1.36 for the cheaper kit)

Our Thoughts On Whiter Than White

On first glance this looks like a well planned kit, giving buyers a choice of gel strengths should suit most people.

The fact that you are responsible for taking the impressions for the teeth trays leaves a lot in your hands, any mistakes could leave the new teeth trays ill fitting, leading to the possibility of having to pay out for replacements and further delay until you can actually start whitening your teeth.

The cheaper kit with the warm and form trays does in our opinion offer better value, these trays are easy to mould and do work. The downside with this kit is the fact there is no cash back guarantee whatsoever.

These kits will no doubt work, but in our opinion there are kits out there that offer equal (or better) results, but at a cheaper price offering far better value for money.

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