What Is Carbamide Peroxide

Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel

Carbamide Peroxide is without a doubt the most widely used compound for whitening teeth, the majority of dental surgeries along with a great deal of home teeth whitening products use this as their main ingredient.

Carbamide peroxide is sometimes used under the name Perhydrol-Urea36CP10mL_500x500-300x300

How Does Carbamide Peroxide Whiten Teeth

Carbamide peroxide contains the well known bleaching agent Hydrogen Peroxide, it works by breaking down into a water based solution that enters the microscopic holes in the tooth enamel. It then oxidises, producing oxygen that helps to turn any coloured compounds in your enamel into a colourless state – this leaves your teeth looking whiter.

I Have Seen Many Differing Strengths Of Carbamide Peroxide

While it’s not uncommon to assume that the stronger the gel, the more effective it is, great care should be taken when deciding on what get strength to use. Too many kits and in fact many dental surgeries use gels that exceed 25% concentration, with some exceeding 35%.


These excessive gel strengths are highly likely to cause side effects that can include

  • Teeth Pain and Sensitivity
  • Burns To Gums, Lips And Mouth

It is for these reasons that it is highly recommended that users avoid gel strengths that exceed 18% Carbamide peroxide, these have been found to be far safer and will provide the same results, but without the risks or side effects.

The FDA in the USA have gone one step further and have set 16% Carbamide peroxide as their recommended maximum gel strength.

The EU are considering a ban that would outlaw all whitening gels that exceed 6% Hydrogen peroxide (16% Carbamide Peroxide).

Before You Whiten Your Teeth

logo1Whether you do it yourself with a home kit or go to your local surgery, always find out what gel strength will be used, if its more than 16% Carbamide peroxide (6% Hydrogen peroxide), it’s possibly illegal and could well cause you pain and discomfort.

Always look for government approved products (EU or FDA).

I Would Prefer To Whiten My Own Teeth

We have tried and evaluated the most popular home teeth whitening kits available here in the UK, from our research, we have compiled our list of what we feel to be the top three kits currently available

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