What Causes Sensitive Teeth

Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity

If you suddenly get a burst of pain every time you eat something hot or cold, you are highly likely to be suffering from sensitive teeth

What Causes Sensitive Teethsensitive-teeth

Teeth can become sensitive when the protective outer layer of enamel becomes thinner or develops small microscopic holes. This leave the inner layer (called Dentin) more exposed. It is Dentin that covers and protects the tooth’s nerve, when hot or cold substances come into contact with the dentin, the sensation can pass right through to the nerve, causing the pain or discomfort

Can Teeth Sensitivity Be Treated

The first thing to do is examine your toothbrush and toothpaste, when looking at your brush; are the bristles laying flat, pointing outwards? If this is the case, you are almost certainly brushing too hard, this can damage the gums and wear the enamel.

close up view of toothbrush bristles on white background

Choose a brush with soft to medium bristles, when brushing, use soft circular motions without putting too much pressure onto the teeth and gums.

Try a de-sensitizing toothpaste, these can be highly effective and work to seal any of the microscopic holes that allow heat and cold to travel to the nerve.

Have a look at the foods and drinks that you eat, drinks and foods high in acid (such as fruit juice) are known to harm the tooth enamel, always rinse your mouth out with water straight after eating acidic foods to reduce the effect of the acids.

Serious Teeth Sensitivity

Most cases are usually short lived, but if you have severe pain or the problem continues for extended period of time, its wise to consult your dentist, underlying dental problems including serious decay and absyss could be the reason, and would need urgent professional dental treatment.

Maintain a good dental regime; twice yearly visits to the dentist are essential, along with regular brushing and flossing.

Teeth Whitening For Those With Sensitive Teeth

It’s well documented that the use of some teeth whitening kits canteeth-whiten-teeth-crest-white-strips-before-after aggravatesensitive teeth, in most cases it’s usually a short lived problem but nevertheless can be quite uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean that you cannot whiten your teeth – A good kit will use a safe strength gel and will also recommend the use of an aftercare or re-mineralisation gel after treatment as these help to strengthen the enamel, and help to fill the exposed holes that lead to the nerve, reducing the sensitivity.

There are also some rather good kits that have been developed especially for those with sensitive teeth, instead of peroxide based gels, they use natural whitening products such as sodium perborate, pomegranate and chamomile. While these are not as fast working as peroxide based kits, they do deliver proven results over a relatively short period of time.

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