Types Of Teeth Staining

The Different Kinds Of Teeth Staining

Having a nice white smile with healthy looking teeth can affect just how you are perceived both socially and in the work place.

Before we look into how to whiten your teeth, its crucial to understand just why your teeth get stained and what has caused the problem.

There are generally two kinds of teeth staining – Extrinsic and Intrinsic Stains.

Intrinsic StainsTetracycline-stains

The hardest to remove, Intrinsic stains are often caused by injury to the teeth, other causes of Intrinsic staining include

  • Infections
  • Invasive Dental Treatments
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Antibiotics That Include Tetracycline.

The stains caused by antibiotics are generally recognised as some of the hardest to remove, they are usually grey or dark brown in colour.

Stains that are Intrinisic may not be able to be removed by regular bleaching or whitening treatments, they may require cosmetic treatments such as veneers or crowns. It’s best to discuss these kinds of staining with your dental surgeon.

Extrinisic Stains

ugly_A9The most common type of teeth staining, often caused by our diet and lifestyle.

The worst culprits being drinking red wine, tea, coffee, along with smoking.

These kinds of staining are generally more in the outer layer of the enamel of the teeth and can be usually removed by whitening or bleaching procedures.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Many dentists along with high street beauty salons and spas offer teeth whitening services. Prices start from around £200 upwards and can in certainwybielanie-zelem city centre’s go up to as much as £800 per treatment.

Although highly effective, these treatments can be quite restrictive due to the high prices charged – this is especially important to remember when you discover that the treatments can take several visits to complete.

The development of effective home teeth whitening kits has been a saviour for thousands worldwide, a good kit will use the same methods and materials as used by your dentist, providing the same results at a mere fraction of the cost.

What Home Whitening Kits Work

We have tried and reviewed many of the best selling kits currently available here in the UK, from our tests we have put together what we feel to be the top three teeth whitening kits currently available.

Top Three Teeth Whitening Kits UK