Teeth Whitening

How Does Teeth Whitening Work


A bright white smile is often the first thing people notice about you, it’s welcoming and leaves a lasting impression. A person with a dull and unattractive smile can often be overlooked both at work and socially.white-teeth

What Makes Our Teeth Yellow

Genetics certainly plays its part; some of us are more predisposed to having yellow teeth, for most of us, the problem is caused by our daily intake of coffee, tea and red wine. Smoking is also a common cause of teeth staining.

Can I Get Rid Of Teeth Staining

With a very few exceptions, most staining can be removed with a course of teeth whitening.

Different Kinds Of Teeth Staining

What Should I Do Before Whitening My Teeth

You need to be sure that your teeth are sound before undertaking any teeth whitening procedures, so get your teeth checked by your dentist to make sure you have no cavities or any other potential problems.

Where Can I Get My Teeth Whitened

laser-teeth-whiteningYour dental surgery can carry out the treatment for you, they would usually take a mould of your teeth so they can make some teeth application trays. It is these that fit over your teeth, holding the whitening gel so it works on your teeth.

Most dental surgery treatments last for around 35-45 minutes and can take several visits over a period of 2-3 weeks to reach maximum whiteness. Initial results can be seen by some after the first visit, but for those with severe staining, the treatment can take several applications before any visible results can be seen.

Following The Treatment

You will now have whiter teeth, depending on the initial level depth of staining, the results can be amazing, its not uncommon to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white. It’s important to monitor your daily intake of red wine, tea and coffee, as this can lead you to require further treatments.

Is Teeth Whitening Expensive

Professional teeth whitening can be quite expensive, prices usually start at around £200, but can often rise to anything approaching £600-800 in major city centres.

Can I Whiten My Teeth At Homedental-white-smile4you

There are quite a few home teeth whitening kits available to buy, both online and in stores. A good kit will use the same methods and ingredients as used in your dental surgery, and provide the same results but at a fraction of the cost.

What Do I Look For In A Home Kit

The main part of any kit is the whitening Gel, choose one that uses Carbamide peroxide gel and pay particular attention to the gels strength.

If it’s more than 18% concentration then avoid it like the plague as kits that use gels exceeding 18% are well known to cause sensitivity and discomfort.

Try and find a kit that provides you with

  • Safe Gel Strength ( 16% is a good safe strength)
  • Large quantity of Gel – no need for expensive refills
  • Customisable Teeth Trays – ensures gel is evenly distributed on teeth
  • Cash back Guarantee – peace of mind if dissatisfied with results
  • Good Customer service and support
  • Easy To Follow Instructions

Keep an eye out for optional accessories that can speed and enhance the process

  •  Blue Light – as used by dentists to speed the whitening process
  • Aftercare gels – strengthens and protects the enamel
  • Whiteness Chart – track your progress

A good kit should cost between £30 and £50 – a mere fraction of the cost of professional whitening procedures.

Can You Recommend Any Good Home Whitening Kits

We have tried, tested and evaluated many of the popular kits available here in the UK today. From our research we have compiled our list of what we feel are the Top three kits offering performance, safety and value for money.

 Top Three UK Teeth Whitening Kits