Smile4you Supply Dr Georges Dental White To The UK

Dr Georges Dental White Review

 The Best Selling Teeth Whitening Kit In The USA Is Now Available Here In The UK, Read On To Discover Why Dr Georges Dental White Is The Worlds #1

UK teeth whitening specialists Smile4you are proud to announce that they are the sole distributor of Dr Georges Dental White.

Dental White was developed over 15 years ago by a Dr George Madray, one ofdental-white-smile4you the USA’s foremost dental surgeons, he recognised the need for an affordable and effective home teeth whitening kit that the people could easily use in the comfort of their own home.

His kit – aptly named Dr Georges Dental White was an instant hit, it sold in its millions and even today, some 15 years on, it still remains the best selling kit in the world.

The kit is also the preferred choice of many professional dental surgeons for use in surgery.

Smile4you offer this kit for sale here and across the EU, orders can be placed from their official website

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Media Exposure

191-221x300The kit has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers both here and abroad, it has also made numerous TV appearances, most notably several appearances on the Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz Shows. Here in the UK, Channel 5’s Diet Doctors featured the kit in one of their shows.

What Do I Get In The Kit

The Dental White Kit contains everything that you will need to effectively and safely whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in a little as 14 days.

  • FDA Approved Whitening Gel (16% Carbamide Peroxide)
  • Fully Customisable Teeth Trays
  • Application Syringe
  • Full And Easy To Follow Instructions

The key component is the whitening gel, Dr Georges Dental White uses an approved dental grade Carbamide Peroxide at a safe 16% concentration.

This gel is strong enough to provide safe and fast teeth whitening, but not so strong that it will cause any sensitivity or problems associated with kits that use stronger gels.

The teeth trays are fully customisable, and the shaping process is simple imagesand fast to do:

Place the trays in hot water for a few seconds, then place over the teeth and push and smooth the trays to the shape of your teeth, as they cool (quickly) they will take on and hold the shape of your teeth.

This process is easy and fast, usually taking only a couple of minutes, and helps the whole process be far more efficient as you can be sure that the whitening gel makes good contact with the teeth for a more even whitening effect.

Value For Money

Dr Georges Dental White Kit provides the largest quantity of gel of any current kit; at 120 mls buyers get enough gel for at least 200 applications. With a useful shelf life of two years, buyers can whiten and then touch up the whiteness whenever required without having to purchase more gel.

The Kit is made and supplied by a qualified Dentist, it exceeds government regulations and is the only kit in the world to hold full FDA certification for its quality and safety.

Editors Rating Top Rated Kit

 Buy Dr Georges Dental White – Online Prices Start At £26.99

How Does Dr Georges Dental White Work

The gel removes moisture from the teeth and then enters the microscopic holes in the teeth, once there it oxides and changes the coloured compounds within the enamel into a colourless condition. This is 100% harmless to the enamel.

Initial results can often be seen after the first treatment, to achieve the full results of an increase of up to 11 shades of white, treatment should be done over a course of 14 days.

Benefits of Dr Georges Dental White

  • Officially Approved
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • Fast Working
  • Excellent Value For Money – 200 applications per kit
  • 11 Shades Whiter In Just 14 Days
  • Guaranteed To Work Or Money Back

TeethwhiteningThe Guarantee Is a great point, smile4you are so confident that you will get whiter teeth from using their kit that they offer a 14 day refund policy. If you use the kit as directed and are dissatisfied with the results, simply return for a full refund.

Where To Buy Dr Georges Dental White In The UK

Smile4you sell Dental White directly from their official website, the kits are well priced and start at £26.99. This is some 80% cheaper than many professional whitening treatments and offers the same results.

There are several optional packages available along with useful accessories that can speed and enhance your whitening results.

Get Whiter Teeth In 14 Days Or Less- Or Your Money Back!!

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