Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit Boots

Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Another teeth whitening kits sold by high street store Boots The Chemists is index8the Rio Blue Light Kit

It is particularly suitable for those with sensitive teeth as it doesn’t use a bleach based whitening gel, instead it uses a non peroxide gel that is known to provide no side effects or sensitivity.

The kit comes with a pair of teeth application trays, along with 3 syringes of whitening gel (enough for about 20-25 treatments)

The Rio Blue Light Kit is simple to use, simply apply a fine line of gel into the teeth trays, place over the teeth and then turn on and hold the blue light in the mouth in front of the trays for around 10 minutes.

The blue light is similar to those used in dental surgeries and will help speed the whitening process.

Does The Kit Cause Any Side Effects

The Rio Blue light kit uses a natural, non bleach whitening gel, it is unlikely to cause any side effects or sensitivity

How Quickly Does The Rio Kit Work

The makers state that initial results can be seen after the first treatment, in our case, we didn’t see any change whatsoever until the 5th application. Maximum results should be seen after using daily for 4 weeks.

Our Thoughts

The Rio Kit has mixed reviews, On the Boots website;for every positive one, there is another one that is poor. We ourselves have our concerns about the amount of gel supplied with every kit, with maximum results being attained over a months use, buyers only get enough for 20-25 treatments, this means that they will probably have to buy 2 kits to complete the course as Boots do not stock or sell additional whitening gel separately.The Kits are currently sold from most larger Boots Stores and on line from for £20.39

 Buy Rio With Blue Light teeth Whitening From Boots

Alternative Product

botanical-white-77For those with teeth sensitivity, the use of peroxide based gels could increase the problem, although the effects are usually temporary, nevertheless the problem is painful and uncomfortable.

If teeth sensitivity is a concern, we would suggest checking out the kit made by UK based Botanical White.

Made with this problem in mind, Botanical White uses a rather unique mix of natural and plant based ingredients to whiten user’s teeth by up to 11 shades of white in around 14 days. With sufficient gel included for up to100 treatments, there is no need for buying extra gel.

Guaranteed to not cause or aggravate any sensitivity, Botanical White is a steal at £29.99 for the complete kit.

Find Out More About Botanical White