Remineralisation Gels

What Are Remineralisation Gels

When we undergo teeth whitening treatment, we all hope to get whiter, brighter teeth, what some of us do not realise that on occasions the gel in the kits can cause some sensitivity and possibly even bring on the development of cavities..gel-packs_1_3

Any sensitivity caused by teeth whitening is usually shortlived, but it can be rather uncomfortable.

Using an aftercare or Remineralisation gel is the perfect way of reducing the risk of any sensitivity and boosting the strength of the enamel.

Most remineralisation gels use a special formula of fluoride, calcium, and phosphates to strengthen and replenish the teeth enamel, by sealing the small microscopic holes, in the enamel, they stop the bleach in the whitening gels aggravating the nerves of the teeth.

Benefits Of Using Remineralisation Gels

  • Strengthens And Protects Enamel After Bleaching
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Can Seal Small Cavities
  • Simple To Use

How Do Remineralisation Gels Work

Visual-Remineralization-Multi-Oral-ReminThe bleach used in teeth whitening kits can in some cases expose the small microscopic holes in the tooth’s enamel, it is these holes that lead directly to the nerve and this is why its not uncommon for teeth to be sensitive after whitening treatments.

Remineralisation gels deposit special minerals onto the teeth, helping to fill these holes, strengthening and replenishing the enamel.

They are highly recommended for use straight after teeth whitening treatments and are simple to use.

Simply apply a fine line of remineralisation gel into the same tray that you use for your bleaching gel, and wear for around 5-10 minutes. Avoid eating or drinking for around 30 minutes after use.

Where To Buy Remineralisation Gels

Most good home teeth whitening kits supply or offer these gels with their actual whitening kits. Gels usually cost around £5 for two syringes ( 20 Applications)

What Kit Should I Buy

We have bought, tried and tested many of the home teeth whitening kits available today in the UK. From our tests we have compiled what we feel to be the top three kits currently available.

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