Rembrandt Whitening Stripes

Where To Buy Rembrandt Whitening Strips

Rembrandt whitening strips are basic adhesive strips impregnated with a whitening gel, they are stuck to the front teeth and will help to remove staining, boosting the whiteness of the wearers teeth.

The Rembrandt strips are said to be easier to fit than the Crest whitestrips, they81rEA1EECeL._SL1500_ use what they call ‘formfit’ technology that makes sure that the strips fit and remain on the teeth far more effectively than crest strips.

What Does The Rembrandt Kit Contain

The kit contains 20 strips, 10 designed for the top teeth and 10 for the bottom.

The bottom strips are shorter than the top ones, and only cover the 4 main front teeth, the top strips are slightly longer and cover 6 teeth. – This does mean that only these teeth are actually whitened and the difference could be visible when talking.

The strips have a material type backing, this we understand helps to keep the strips in place on the teeth, a problem with Crest Strips that are well known to move about when saliva comes into contact with the strips and weakens the adhesive.

Do Rembrandt Strips Work

Our first whitening efforts were unimpressive, finally after about 5 applications we saw a difference. The results were not that good; our impression is that these strips would be great for making small improvements in whiteness, buyers with severe staining should look elsewhere.

Our Thoughts

Rembrandt strips will not give the same benefits as semi professional kits such as Mint Or Dental White, both of these kits employ the same methods and ingredients as used in professional dental surgeries but at a fraction of the cost of professional whitening.

Rembrandt strips cost around £24.00 and are sold in the UK from various online retailers.

We would recommend that buyers avoid Rembrandt Strips, even though they are reasonably inexpensive, they still do not provide satisfactory results. For a similar price, buyers can get far better results from other kits.

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