Arm and Hammer Toothpaste Banned

Arm And Hammer Whitening Toothpaste Makes Your Teeth Darker

Media reports today tell us the the ASA (who are responsible for the accuracy ofArm_&_Hammer_Advanced_Whitening_Toothpaste_-_75ml__28431_zoom TV advertisment’s) have banned the TV advert featuring popular TV presenter Katy Hill and their advance white whitening toothpaste.

The advert, a regular feature during prime time TV shows the star using and recommending the toothpaste, praising its cleaning and whitening ability.

The makers claim that the product will whiten teeth by up to 3 shades of white, but recent consumer reports actually reveal that 43% of users found that it didn’t work and in many cases actually made their teeth darker

This has been a massive blow to the makers of Arm and Hammer – US based Church and Dwight have enjoyed UK sales totaling hundreds of millions of pounds.

katy-hillThe ASA have decided to ban the adverts because the manufacturers have been unable to substantiate their whitening claims.

Our Thoughts And Recommendation

There is no doubt that toothpastes with baking soda can in fact clean the teeth really well, as for whitening the teeth, the general thought is that the concentration of baking soda is not sufficient (neither is it left on the teeth long enough) to have any true whitening effect.

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