Dr Collins Teeth Whitening UK

Dr Collins Review

Dr Collins originates from the USA, available for the past 5 years or so, it has become highly popular in the states.

It uses the regular combination of Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel coupled with customisable teeth trays.dr-collins-all-white-bleaching-system

It differs from many kits in the USA in that if offers buyers a choice of three gel strengths;

  • 10% – suitable for those with sensitive teeth
  • 16% – sensible, and effective strength – used by many dentists
  • 22% – strong and likely to cause sensitivity

In the UK it is just the high 22% strength gel that appears to be readily available.

The kits are supplied with fully customisable teeth trays that can be made to fit your teeth exactly – this provides better and more uniform whitening

Dr Collins tell us that the 10% gel should be used overnight for  best results, the 16% for between 1 and 4 hours and the stronger 22% gel should be worn for no more than an hour due to the high risk of sensitivity.

What Do I Get In The Kit

Buyers get a set of teeth trays, along with 15mls of gel which should provide enough for about 30 treatments along with full written instructions.

How Effective is The Dr Collins Kit

This kit definitely works, however results will vary depending on the gel strength used.

Is The Kit Approved And Guaranteed

We cannot find any evidence of official approvals or accreditation for this kit, as for guarantees, the makers do give a 7 day return/refund policy but this only applies to unopened kits purchased directly from them. Other resellers may offer slightly different terms.

Where To Buy Dr Collins Here In The UK

There are a few online suppliers to be found, it does however appear that most of them only sell the over strength 22% gel. Average kit prices are around £34.99.

Our Thoughts

This kit will definitely work; we do however have a few concerns:

  1. The Lack of Official Certification and clinical data
  2. The kit does not give good value for money, the kit only provides around 30 treatments which works out at around £1.16 per treatment
  3. The over-strength gel exceeds FDA, EU and UK guidelines and is very likely to cause painful sensitivity.

 Hard To Recommend

Alternative Kits

We have reviewed, and tested many of the best selling kits here in the UK, from our research we have compiled what we feel to be the top three kits available to buy in the UK.

We based our results on

  • Official Approvals and Certification
  • Ease Of Use And Safety
  • After Sales Service And Guarantees
  • Value For Money
  • Final Results

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