Does Rapid White Teeth Whitening Work

Rapid White With Blue Light Review

High Street Chemist Boots sell Rapid White, this is a kit that differs from many other kits on the market in that it does not use teeth application trays, this fact 2-week-system-white-bkdoes make this kit appealing for those that may find wearing teeth trays uncomfortable.

Rapid White was the first kit to include a blue laser light – often used by dentists to activate and speed the whitening process.

The kit uses a non peroxide gel that is safe, gentle and suitable for those with sensitive teeth.

How Does The Rapid White Kit Work

The user applies the gel directly to the teeth, and then the blue laser light is activated and placed in the mouth for 10 minutes. For best results, it is recommended that the kit be used twice a day for 2 weeks.

How Fast Is The Rapid White Treatment

The name implies fast results, but this isn’t the case, from our research the kits does not provide instant results, it can take up to 5 days before any results are visible, the results will then improve daily for the remainder of the 10 day course.

Does It Work

Reviews vary considerably, there are a few reviews on the Boots official website, many report disappointing results.

The one thing that all users agreed on is the battery life of those supplied with the blue light, the general feeling is that the batteries only lasted for 2 days which meant that to complete the full 10 day course, buyers would have to buy another 4 sets of batteries which would substantially add to the cost.

How Much Does Rapid White Kit Cost

Boots currently sell the kit for £30.63. It is available in most larger stores and for convenience online from

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Alternative Product

smile-for-you-mini-boxProbably the most effective kit available here in the UK is the one supplied by UK based Smile4You, they are the sole distributors of Dr Georges Dental White.

Originating from the USA, Dental White has a proven track record gained over 16 years. With millions of kits sold worldwide, Dr Georges Dental White will whiten users teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days.

With Initial results being visible after the first 30 minute application, and currently the only kit in the world to have Full FDA certification for its safety, quality and ease of use. The Dental White Kit is certainly one to consider.

Prices start at £26.99

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