Can Smoking Stain Your Teeth

Smoking And Stained Teeth

If you smoke, you will be only too aware just how smoking your favourite cigarette, cigar or pipe can stain your teeth

Smoking is one of the most common reasons for someone to have stained smokers-teethteeth, each time you inhale that smoke, the nicotine and other chemicals attack the enamel to form those hard to shift yellow/brown stains.

he staining caused by smoking is known as an extrinsic stain and can , if left unchecked make even the most brightest smile dull and unappealing.

Can You Get Rid Of Smoking Teeth Stains

The only real method of removing teeth stains caused by smoking is by bleaching or whitening treatments, fortunately most dental surgeries and many beauty salons offer this service.

The costs of having the treatment done professionally can be prohibitive, with prices starting at around £200 and in city centres often rising to between £500 and £800 per course of treatment.

This makes this form of treatment too expensive for many, especially when you consider that heavy staining could take 2 or three treatments to be fully removed.

Why Not Whiten Your Teeth At Home??

The introduction of home teeth whitening kits has changed the lives and appearances  of thousands of users worldwide, A good kit is usually a fraction of the cost of professional whitening, and employs the same methods and materials that would be used in your dental surgery.

shutterstock_teeth whiteningWhat Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Good Kit

The key component of any kit is the whitening gel; most dental surgeries use a gel called Carbamide Peroxide.

The strength of the gel is important, many kits (and surgeries) use high strength gels to try and speed the process, (up to 35% concentration) these should be avoided as they do have potential side effects, and will often cause painful teeth sensitivity, along with sores and even burns on gums and lips.

Choose a kit that uses a gel strength based between 14% and 18% Carbamide peroxide, as these have been proven to be highly effective without usually causing any harm or problems.

 The EU is currently considering outlawing the sale of gels over 16% Concentration

A good Home whitening kit should cost between £30 and £50, ensure that you get a large quantity of gel so you can repeat the process as required without having to buy more gel and also look for one with a decent cash back guarantee so you can get a refund should you be dissatisfied with the results.

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