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Side Effect free Teeth Whitening With Botanical White

 Teeth Whitening Without The Risk Of Teeth Sensitivity

 Teeth whitening is a simple process, one that should provide pleasing results, giving you a massive boost in confidence, especially if your teeth were highly stained. But what happens if you are unfortunate to suffer from sensitive Botanical-White-Packshot-Frteeth?, its well documented that on occasions, some whitening treatments can cause some short term sensitivity, for those with sensitive teeth, this problem can be magnified a hundredfold leaving sufferers in discomfort for several days, maybe weeks.

Uk Teeth Whitening Specialists Botanical White understand this problem and have researched and developed the UK’s first specially formulated home teeth whitening kit for those with sensitive teeth.

Their product – also called Botanical White does not use the bleach based products that can aggravate what is already a painful problem, instead they use a natural formulation, taken from various botanical sources to provide a gentle, yet effective way of whitening your teeth at home without running the risk of increasing your sensitivity.

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Botanical White Ingredients

Sodium Perborate – Well known for its cleaning and whitening abilities, commonly used by dental surgeries in place of bleach based products, it is soft and gentle on the teeth, yet highly effective at removing stains, leaving your teeth looking whiter than ever before

botanicalwhiteAloe Vera – Recognised worldwide for its health benefits, has great healing powers that maintain healthy teeth and gums

Pomegranate – Known for its antiseptic and anti oxidant properties. Helps to remove and control plaque, helping to maintain both whiteness and the general health of the teeth

Chamomile – Known for its ability to soothe and relax, has anti inflammatory properties to help heal and maintain healthy teeth

Vitamin D – Proven to help maintain healthy gums and fights of gum infections that can cause teeth loss

The natural formula in Botanical White strengthens and protects as it whitens your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in around 14 days.

What Does The Kit Contain

  • Safe And Approved Whitening Gel – enough for 100 treatments
  • Customisable teeth application trays
  • Pre-Cleansing Spray
  • Application syringe
  • Professional Whiteness Guide
  • Full And Easy To Follow Instructions

There are also some optional accessories that can enhance and speed the whitening process, these can include

  • Aftercare Gels – Protect And Strengthen The Enamel244x348-1
  • Blue Laser Light Assembly – Used By Dentists To Speed The Whitening Process
  • Tooth Gloss – Powerful Whiteness Booster

Why Choose Botanical White

  • No Risk Of Increased Sensitivity
  • Fully Government Approved
  • 80% Cheaper Than Professional Treatments
  • 11 Shades Whiter In Just 14 Days
  • Value For Money – Up to 100 Treatments In One Kit
  • Cash Back Guarantee If Disatisfied

Where To Buy Botanical White

Botanical White is available in some selected stores and salons, for ease and convenience the best place to buy Botanical White is from the official website

Prices start at £49.99 for the Standard kit – contains everything you need for brilliant white teeth

The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth Without Sensitivity

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