Boost Your Whiteness With Tooth Gloss

Tooth Gloss Whiteness Booster

 Hollywood’s Secret Now Available Here In the UK

If you have ever wondered just how your favourite film star gets their shiny white smile, its probably because they are using Tooth Gloss.Unknown-1

Now available throughout the UK and EU, Tooth Gloss is a bleach free, non abrasive formula that works to give your teeth a shiny, polished look and feel.

Tooth Gloss will enhance your teeth whiteness and at the same time, its antibacterial formula helps to reduce cases of gingivitis and bad breath.

Simple to use, it can be used alongside other teeth whitening products to boost the whitening effects, but is highly effective when used on its own.

Simple to use, it can be applied on your toothbrush, or even with a finger, it dries in seconds to give a polished, glossy look to your teeth.

Tooth Gloss Ingredients

Tooth Gloss Contains

  •  Water, Alcohol,
  • Saccharin, Eucalyptol
  • Menthol, Carbopol
  • Polaxamer, Peppermint Flavour
  • Sodium Benzoate.

Where To Buy Tooth Gloss In The UK

Teeth Whitening specialists Smile4You sell Tooth Gloss online from their official websites.

With a RRP of £24.99, Smile4you are currently offering Tooth Gloss for just £12.99 – terrific saving of just under 50%

Smile Like The Stars With Tooth Gloss

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