Blanx Tooth Whitening

Blanx Toothpaste Review

Blanx has had an awful lot of press exposure over the past year, most recently the Daily Mail reviewed it along with several other popular teeth whitening products.Blank X Advanced Whitening 2

About Blanx

Blanx is a specially formulated whitening toothpaste that uses a rather unique ingredient in the form of Arctic Lichen.

Discovered by American scientists during research in the arctic area, they noticed that local tribes used to chew the lichen and the fact that they all had really clean teeth.

This information was taken back to their laboratories and after further rsearch and development, the active ingredient in the lichen was isolated and now is the key ingredient in Blanx.

Does Blanx Work

As a toothpaste, we have no doubts whatsoever as to Blanx’s cleaning properties, the lichen is highly effective at cleaning the teeth.

There are some reservations regarding the products actual teeth whitening properties.

The recent Daily Mail article only gave Blanx a sorry 1/10 for its whitening effects.

Is Blanx Recommended

As a toothpaste, Blanx is as good as any other toothpaste, possibly better than most, but as an actual teeth whitener, we did not notice any real improvement in the colour of our teeth.

Editors Rating – Hard To Recommend

Where To Buy Blanx

Blanx is sold in many high street stores and online, best value we could find is from at £11.22

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Better Home Whitening Products

dental-white-smile4youWe have evaluated many of the popular teeth whitening kits currently available today in the UK. Of all tested, we found the kit supplied by UK teeth whitening specialists Smile4you to be the best.

Smile4you are the UK’s sole stockist and distributor of Dr Georges Dental White – currently the best selling teeth whitening kit in the world.

The Same Daily Mail Article saw Dental White coming out on top with a rating of 8/10 for its ease of use and results.

Dental White Kits start at £26.99, this provides the buyer everything they need to whiten their teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days.

Fully guaranteed to work or your money back, Dental White is certainly worth checking out.

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