Best Teeth Whitening Pen UK

Fast And Convenient Teeth Whitening On The Go

 UK’s Best Portable Teeth Whitening Pen

UK Teeth Whitening specialists Smile4You have released a rather usefuUnknown-1l addition to your briefcase, jacket pocket or handbag.

Their product is a handy teeth whitening pen – the same size as a ballpoint, it is a fast and simple way of boosting the whiteness of your teeth. Using the same dental grade whitening gel as found in their regular Dental White kit, their whitening pen makes brightening your smile simple and convenient.

Easy To Use

The whitening pen can be used whenever and wherever you are, it’s perfect to touch up your whiteness when the need requires it; just before that important meeting for example, or that first date.

Just remove the cap, press the top button a few times to push gel down into the applicator brush and apply – Its That Simple !!

The gel gets to work quickly, for maximum results, smile4you do suggest that teeth-whitening-penit’s best to try and avoid eating or drinking for around 30 minutes after application.

Where To Buy

Smile4you sell their whitening pen from their official website, they usually have a recommended selling price of £39.95, but for this month only they are being sold online for just £14.00 – its also free with some kits – see website for details

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