Aquafresh White Trays Review

Do Aquafresh White Trays Work

White Trays are the most recent product to be released by Aquafresh. They are a convenient and disposable method of whitening your teeth.

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The kits comes supplied with 7 pairs of pre filled teeth trays, all containing hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 10% concentration.

The trays are a one size fits all and are (according to the manufacturers) comfortable to wear.

The kit supplies the buyer with pre filled teeth trays, the trays are worn over the teeth for around 45 minutes a day, and should produce visible results n around 3 days. Final results should show an increase of around 3 or 4 shades of white.

Our Thoughts On AquaFresh Whitetrays

The basic idea of pre-filled trays does seem appealing, not having to bother filling the trays with gel saves time and effort. There are a couple of minus points that we can see after trying these out;

(1)  The teeth trays are a standard size and should fit most mouths, that said they will not fit everybody closely and therefore could allow some of the gel to leak out or not provide uniform coverage to the teeth. These could cause patchy results and possible sensitivity/burns to the gums.

(2) The Gel strength (at 10% hydrogen peroxide) exceeds EU regulations, while not YET illegal, gels over 6% hydrogen peroxide are not recommended as they can cause sensitivity and even burns to the gums and lips

Where To Buy Aquafesh Whitetrays

Available on line from numerous sources, being one such example. Prices start at around £25.00

Our Recommendation

For simplicity and ease of use the Aquafresh Whitetrays offer many benefits, they are most certainly easier to use than Crest Whitestrips.

dental-white-smile4youFor around the same price however, you can buy a professional grade home teeth whitening kit that is identical to the type used in your local surgery.

A good kit uses dental grade gels at government approved strengths with fully customisable teeth trays that fit your mouth perfectly, making the whole process easier and more effective.

Products such as the one supplied by Mint Cosmetics (prices from £37.50) and Dr Georges Dental White (from £26.99) provide dental surgery quality whitening at affordable prices.

With an average increase of up to 11 shades of white, the treatment is longer lasting and often faster. Both these kits give a full cash back guarantee to protect the customer should they be dissatisfied with the results.

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